Yasmina Coe

  • Content Creator
  • Broadcaster
  • Beauty/Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Foodie

Born in the sunshine city of Nelson, Yasmina Coe is the ray of light that has taken over as day show announcer on The Edge radio station, known for her distinctive voice and relatable personality. Since graduating from Broadcasting School in 2023, Yas has quickly made her mark in the industry with her animated spirit and fearless opinions.

Yas is a people person at her core. Whether it’s at her job during the week, or leading the charge organising hang outs in her 8 people flat on the weekends, Yas is passionate about connecting with others and finding the joy in everything.

She thrives on exploring new experiences and is not one to shy away from a spontaneous adventure or challenge. While no day off is ever the same, some of her favourite activities include op-shopping, hot pilates, DIY nails or updating her playlists.

Yasmina brings her vibrant enthusiasm to all she does, from the airwaves to the everyday, making her an engaging and stand out content creator.