Looking for exceptional talent?


At Outspoken we set the bar high.

We proudly represent Aotearoa’s premiere talent in news, entertainment, and social media. Our exceptional collection comprises primetime television hosts, iconic radio broadcasters, proven social media influencers and content creators, charismatic MCs, speakers, entertainers, and versatile voice artists. Each one possessing that indefinable something that sets them apart.

Our clients include New Zealand’s major networks, award-winning advertising and PR agencies along with leading global brands and corporations.

Our team’s ability to think creatively and push boundaries supported by over 25 years in the industry guarantees that we’ll connect you to precisely the right talent to achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Liz Delaney


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Amanda Cox

GM - Social & Digital

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Aria Phillips

Talent Agent

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Antonia Delaney-Paine

Talent Agent

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Mitta & Frank

Head of Wellbeing

Looking for a New Zealand media or entertainment broadcaster?

At Outspoken we value quality over quantity.

The broadcasters and presenters we represent are the very best of New Zealand news and entertainment. Exclusive to Outspoken and all are exceptional in their professionalism and dedication to their craft, making them extremely sought after.

If you're looking for a well-known broadcaster or personality, please email liz@odd.co.nz

MCs - Headline your next event with people who make them.

At Outspoken we pride ourselves in providing only the very best professional MCs, Em-cees or Master of Ceremonies in the business.

Many of our experienced and highly talented ‘ring masters’ have backgrounds in entertainment & comedy. Their intuitive communication skills that grip an audience, are equally balanced with the confidence and ability to create the structure required to guarantee your event is exceptional, unforgettable, and flawlessly executed.

If you're looking for a highly skilled MC to make your event, drop us a line here.

Content Creators - We have the personalities that get the looks.

At Outspoken our commitment is to produce strategic and considered content.

We are extremely discerning in which content creators and influencers we choose to engage and they in turn are particular in the brands they represent.

Highly accomplished in photography, videography, and the written word, they have their fingers on the pulse of social media and advertising best-practice locally and globally.

Whether it’s fashion and fitness to parenting or luxury travel our social media power-elite excel in consistently delivering outstanding and innovative content that elevates every product or service they endorse.

If you're looking for high performance social media, please email Amanda, Aria or Antonia.

Speakers - Introduce your next guest speaker as someone who needs no introduction.

At Outspoken we know the importance of a great orator.

Our pool of professional speakers is carefully selected and comprises of only New Zealand’s leaders. It incorporates an exceptional range of talent including well-known sports professionals, best-selling authors, legendary broadcasters and social media stars.

Whether you require motivational or empowering, moving, inspiring or straight-out good fun, Outspoken will work closely with you to find exactly the right speaker to perfectly compliment your requirements and give audiences a memorable experience to take home. 

If you're looking for an exceptional professional speaker, drop us a line here.

Entertainers - Because a goodie bag shouldn’t be your event’s only highlight.

At Outspoken we work with New Zealand’s best entertainers.  

We know that the key to a great event is the entertainment so we have compiled a star-studded pool of comedians, singers, and musicians to guarantee you a performance that will not disappoint.

If you're looking to connect with the best entertainers, give us a call on +649 3608 333.

Voices - If you like, we can have our people talk to your people.

Our noteworthy range of the most professional and experienced voice artists in Aotearoa offers a spectrum of cadences from warm brand delivery to up-beat retail…and everything in between, including experts in Te Reo Maori, other languages and specialists in voice for animation.

If you're looking for a voice that suits your voice, get in touch +649 3608 333.