Viarni Bright

  • Content Creator

Outgoing and bubbly, with an eye for what makes a beautiful photograph and a natural flair for content creation, Viarni Bright is as delightful as the pictures she posts. Her socials reflect her personality: vibrant, happy and active.

Over the past five years, she has made a seamless transition from model to influencer, as her Instagram platform organically attracted a large, engaged following. Viarni continues to model part time, which she fits in around her full-time role as a brand manager.

It’s easy to see why Viarni won the Girlfriend Magazine Model Search as a teenager. Her professionalism and charisma in front of the camera led to a lucrative modelling career and work as a television presenter.

When Viarni was 19, she made it into the pool of Top 10 Finalists for the MTV Video Journalist search. This helped her hone her skill and get truly comfortable broadcasting.

Since then, Viarni has clocked up many hours of filming, evident in her ready smile, quick wit and relaxed manner when in front of the camera.

Media-savvy Viarni is a talented content creator; her years of modelling and former position managing the showroom and mutiple PR accounts for Public Library Showroom gave her a sharp eye for composition, quality and detail.

She’s skilled at crafting professional images that give a “polished yet effortless” vibe; painting any brand she pairs with in a fresh and enticing light - an aptitude which now serves her well in her current role as brand manager at The Avo Tree.

Based in The Bay of Plenty, the avocado delivery company sells health and lifestyle products as well, which Viarni has helped to develop – most recently, a new range of avocado oil-based skincare.

When she’s not creating for work (or pleasure), you’ll find Viarni indulging in her love of home interior styling; fashion; makeup and skincare; beach-time; travel and food!

In 2021, Viarni achieved one of her long-held dreams, buying a rural property with her partner Patrick, which they plan to renovate it into their dream home, and plant a kiwifruit orchard on the grounds. It’s a challenge Viarni will embrace with as much style and finesse as she has her entire life to date!