The Sandman (Marcus Winter)

  • Photography/Videography
  • Art
  • Entertainer

Marcus Winter (AKA The Sandman) blurs the lines between conventional painting, street art and theatrical performance… his creations are powerful, mesmerising and if you turn away for a second…. You might just miss something!

A master of story-telling, through making images with sand, he has been wowing audiences by illustrating conference themes or messages through his art.

After consultation with clients about their themes or objectives Marcus creates live artworks by placing sand on a lightbox which he then manipulates to create images that morph into amazing stories perfectly tailored to your event or conference.
Marcus is also a master of ‘ink’ and can draw live on stage.
Ideal for Corporate events, conference, product launch, gala dinner, awards night.

Marcus Winter was a finalist in an arts category in the "Nga Toa Whakaihuwaka", Maori of the Year Awards 2013.