Storme Hitaua

  • Content Creator
  • Broadcaster
  • Voice

Taking the phrase “a face for radio” to its full meaning, Storme has turned a fortuitous online gig into his dream role, becoming the third member and host of Mai FMs brand new breakfast show for 2023.

Throughout his academic years, studying Television at AUT in the Bachelor of Communication Studies program, Storme knew early on that radio was his passion. Beginning his career as the self-proclaimed “nicest yet worst salesman”, selling radio ads wasn’t quite what he had in mind and quickly shifted to an online role that would ultimately set the path to joining the award-winning Mai Morning Crew.

Spending most of his radio career as the behind-the-scenes guy, Storme put himself in front, co-creating the ACCs (Alternative Cricket Commentary) flagship gaming podcast ‘The Noob Squad’ as well as co-creating and co-hosting ZM’s ‘A, B or C’ podcast alongside Celia Whitley. Both podcasts led to on-air opportunities as a part-time commentator for The ACC, calling Super Rugby and All Black games, as well as a fill-in role on the Mad Monday podcast and a launching role on the Benchwarmers podcast. He also became a co-host for ZM’s Saturday morning breakfast show ‘Storme and Celia’ and took on his first full-time on-air position as the Flava Days host in 2022. 2023 brings new and exciting challenges as Storme joins the Mai FM breakfast show with Tegan Yorwarth and Fame Teu.

Born in Australia and raised on the sunny shores of Gisborne, this fine product of Gisborne Boys High School has found the perfect imbalance between his love of playing sports (rugby, football, softball, squash and golf), playing video games and love of food. In the midst of sports, food, and gaming Storme will always leave time for a skill his shower head has enjoyed since he was a wee lad, singing and music. From being cast as the ‘Genie in the lamp’ in the Musical Theatre Gisborne’s 2016 pantomime production of ‘Aladdin’ to being one of Gisborne Boys High School’s choir leaders, Storme will guarantee to fill any harmony you require at your next karaoke session.