Sinead Corcoran Dye

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Over the last decade, former dating columnist Sinead Corcoran Dye has gone from being New Zealand’s very own “Carrie Bradshaw” - to shacked up in the suburbs with two stepsons and a new baby.

The now freelance writer and author-to be has swapped red carpets and the glitz and glamour of her high-flying media career, for juggling three kids and documenting the unfiltered realities of being a young-ish stepmum, a new mum and a working mum.

On a day to day she writes lifestyle and parenting features for the likes of Stuff, Canvas magazine, The NZ Herald, Fashion Quarterly and Condé Nast Traveler, and guest stars on local and international podcasts - all while bouncing a baby on her lap.

But she hasn’t totally let go of her former glamourous life - and drags her newborn to beauty appointments over Baby Sensory classes most days.

She also loves mixing high and more affordable fashion - and loves sharing when she comes across a rare “not sick and frumpy for once!” plus size or post partum piece.

Sinead also shares a hilarious peek inside “age gap love,” with her former colleague, now husband, who is 16 years her senior. Her series “Another day in the life of being married to an elderly,” will have you keeled over in hysterics.

Along with documenting her daily #mumfails, her anguish at garishly coloured baby toys - she’s recently taken it upon herself to become a domestic goddess and finally learn to cook at 31 (always resulting in her kitchen going up in near-flames.)

But along with the lols, the writer shares raw, honest accounts of her battle with mental illness and her struggles with the difficult parts of motherhood - opening up a safe space for her followers to do the same.

Since openly sharing these struggles , her following has nearly doubled in size in just the few months since her daughter was born.

Sinead has also now signed a book deal with publishing giant Hachette, to write a collection of essays on her first year of motherhood, to be published in 2025.

And after a severe battle of post natal depression - she recently founded MumSOS, a nationwide community group which has taken the country by storm and links up mums with other mums, who might not have a “village” around them to help during hard times.

On Instagram, where so much is carefully edited and curated - Sinead is using her little corner of the internet to be real and help others, in the hopes it will help other mums who might feel like they’re the only ones struggling to “do it all,” and “soak up every moment!”

She’ll make you laugh and cry all in one caption, and you’ll want to be her best friend. Just don’t invite yourself over for dinner.