Sharde Smith

  • Parent
  • Content Creator
  • DIY

Hailing from Hamilton, Sharde Smith is the better half of infamous radio star, Vaughan Smith.The pair are proud parents of their two beautiful daughters - Indie and August - who regularly make cameos in their content. The sisters were crowned the youngest ever winners of an NZ Radio Award (2018) for their collaboration with famous Pop Star, Lorde.

Being in the public eye has elevated their family to each growing significant social followings. It’s easy to see the appeal in Sharde’s account. Light-hearted, she always has a smile at the ready - and her down-to-earth, genuine personality shines through in the hilarious content she posts.

Stylish by nature, Sharde’s passion for interior design really came into effect after they undertook a full-scale house renovation in 2015.Fast forward to 2021; Sharde and her family now reside in rural West Auckland, where they have just completed their second major renovation on their family home.

Also media-savvy, Sharde has earned her chops in the industry, graduating from AUT with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in advertising.

This gives her a unique edge when working with brands, as her insider knowledge and understanding of collaborations, brand expectations and professionalism allow her to develop unique and authentic content.