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Meet Sam Walsh, a talented professional voice artist based in Karaka, Auckland, New Zealand. Sam's life is a blend of family, creativity, and a deep passion for the world of professional voice artistry.

Sam's journey into professional voice artistry began with his love for sports, and he was an avid listener to Murray Deaker's "SportsTalk" on Newstalk ZB during the 1990s. (pre-internet and social media!). The art of commercial audio broadcasting captured his heart during this time.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in "Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in Acting" from Unitec in Auckland, a pivotal point in his journey into the world of performance.

Professionally, Sam's career has been diverse, including roles in Advertising, Marketing, TV Dramas, TV Commercials, and Professional Theatre. Additionally, he spent three years playing Semi-Professional Rugby Overseas.

Notably, between 2001 and 2008, Sam served as a producer at Newstalk ZB, where he had the privilege of working with prominent talents such as Mike Hosking, Murray Deaker, Peter Montgomery, Ruud Kleinpaste, and others.

Sam is currently an essential part of the MediaWorks advertising team, where he delivers advertising solutions for clients through various platforms.

Beyond his professional commitments, Sam is committed to giving back to the community. He raised funds for Hospice in 2017, an organization that provided vital care for his mother during her final days. He is also a dedicated supporter of Mike King's Charity, The I Am Hope Foundation, focusing on mental health support in schools and communities.

With nearly two decades of experience as a professional voice artist, Sam's voice is characterized by its clear, resonant baritone delivery. It is more than just sound; it brings messages and stories to life!

When you meet Sam, you encounter not just a professional, relatable, and trustworthy individual, standing at an impressive 6 feet 7 inches (and size 16 feet!). His journey reflects his commitment to excellence, compassion, and his love for the arts, including professional voice artistry and acting.

Sam's voice captivates audiences with its warmth and resonance, promising quality & professionalism.