Renee Leonard

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  • Nutrition
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There is a saying that goes, “There is no education like adversity,” and as Renée will attest, it was one of the most challenging times in her life that led her to a rewarding path of study, and a fulfilling career dedicated to helping others.

A mother to two young boys, Renée is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, writer, content creator and presenter, who is deeply committed to supporting her clients, friends and family to achieve optimal health and wellbeing; and whose life philosophy could be summed up in one word - balance.

Based on the island haven of Waiheke, where she runs her naturopathic consultancy, Renée embodies the principles of healthy-living, conscious consumption and embracing the present moment. She is the creator of the Renée Naturally brand and blog, where she shares healthy and sustainable living guidance to like-minded individuals.

While committed to her healthy and eco-living practices, she is far from all mung beans and meditation! Renée tempers her green juices and yoga with the odd glass of wine with girlfriends, or a good dance at a music festival, and says living a wholesome life shouldn't come as a sacrifice to letting your hair down every now and then.

It is a lifestyle she once only dreamt of, having spent several years struggling with ill-health throughout her teens, as she was often bedridden with chronic fatigue syndrome. Her interest in natural health first emerged then, as she explored alternative methods of healing herself. Missing out on so many opportunities early on gave Renée an overwhelming drive to succeed, earning her a scholarship to study communications at AUT.

A relapse in her early 20s encouraged her to start studying naturopathic medicine in earnest; and enabled Renée to combine her love for writing with her knowledge of natural healing. Her periods of illness taught her empathy, patience and gratitude, all essential traits for a vocation as a health practitioner.

Renée’s career led her to Australia, where she developed her business management skills running a naturopathic practice in Sydney, and was employed as the resident naturopath for Miranda Kerr's Kora Organics brand and blog. The connections she made in those roles enabled her to build a large body of expert wellness writing and consulting work experience for high profile titles and corporations.

A skilled writer, Renée has contributed to publications including; Good Health NZ and Australia, Fashion Quarterly, NADIA, Taste NZ, Cosmopolitan, M2 Woman, and a multitude of online publications. Renée has also had numerous roles presenting for aligned brands on TV and radio.

Since her return to NZ, Renée has managed to juggle her busy career with being a mum, and credits their idyllic Waiheke lifestyle with keeping her connected to nature and the strong communal values shared by Islanders. In her spare time, down-to-earth Renée loves yoga; being outdoors; hosting guests at home – channelling her high energy into cooking and entertaining; and sharing a good laugh with friends. She is also a marriage celebrant, presiding over many of the weddings held on the Island.

Integrity and trust are the values Renée holds most important in both her work and personal life, and she prioritises partnerships that dovetail with these. As a content creator, she has collaborated with, among others; Ecostore, Nature Baby, Vitamix, BioBalance, Naturalea, Storm & India, Antipodes and Karen Murell; as well as Lululemon, Commonwealth Bank and Open Colleges. She is excited to work with more brands that reflect her natural, authentic and sustainable approach to life!