Rebecca Keil

  • Content Creator

There are few voices on social media as loud and resonant as Rebecca Keil’s - both literally and metaphorically!

Rebecca burst onto the social media scene in 2016 and rapidly built a committed following across her platforms, quickly finding her niche as a “truth telling” lifestyle content creator and influencer.

From Day One, Rebecca made it clear with her followers there was no topic off-limits for discussion. She shares her experiences and thoughts on pregnancy, parenting, home life, relationships and friendships - all straight from the heart; all infused with her outrageous sense of humour and unique perspective on life. Her authentic and candid personality has connected her with Kiwi mums up and down the country.

Rebecca has a real passion for social issues and speaking about things that might not necessarily get airtime elsewhere.
She credits her strong sense self with giving her the ability to communicate so truthfully about her life and the opinions she holds; she is very anti “Mum-Shaming” and the judgement that can often come with #ParentLife. Rebecca calls herself “non-vanilla” and aims to get mums laughing in situations where they otherwise might cry.

Since building her almost 50,000 following, Rebecca has undertaken several solo speaking tours; one in 2017 – “The Mother Yarns,” which she took to seven towns around the South Island. She sold out six of the seven shows, where she spoke about her life and motherhood journey, holding nothing back from her audiences. These events raised $15,000 for the charity Lifeline.

In 2018 she hosted “The Mother Yarns; Business Edition,” where she convened nationwide panels covering all things “Mum Life” and how they integrate with running a business or working whilst juggling the pressures of parenting.

In 2019 she birthed “Mum Jokes” into the world – a stand-up comedy show comprising a collection of her raw and real parenting moments. Again she used it as an opportunity to raise money for charity, this time for CVOC; set up to help the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks. From 14 shows across 13 towns around NZ (she did two in Christchurch as the first sold out), she raised $27,000.

Rebecca places “giving back” as one of her highest priorities; something she works as hard at as parenting and supporting her friends and family.

She finds her creative outlet in creating digital content and she loves the challenge of meeting a brief in a way that others might not think to. It’s this approach to her life and work that delivers the strong results she consistently gains for clients.

Rebecca has worked on a broad range of lifestyle co-labs including Countdown, CHCH NZ, Handee, Dettol, Neon, Bonk Lube (which sold out within 24 hours of her campaign), Bunnings, McDonalds,, Anchor and TipTop.