Petra Galler


Petra started baking at 7 years old and has been totally food obsessed her whole life; After a 2-year stint at university, she knew her heart lay elsewhere. This is when her food journey started!

Since then, Petra has been working as a chef for the last 12 years here in Auckland and in Melbourne. Initially a ‘griller guru’ she later found her biggest food love in the pastry category, where she’s been flourishing for the last 5 years. This sparked her creativity to launch her Instagram page; @Butterbutternz. The brand is all about making luxurious food feel attainable for the everyday foodie. Petra’s ethos is if you’re going to bake, do it properly. Real butter, real sugar, elegant flavour profiles and something a little bit different.

She prides herself on bringing a chic European feel to baking; something that can so often be a bit tired and lack lustre. Petra believes food is the greatest connecter and aims to elevate baking for everyone. And let’s be honest; who doesn’t unequivocally love cake.

In 2022, Petra secured a book deal with Allen & Unwin. Butter Butter was released in April this year; a dream come true for her. Outside of the kitchen, Petras interests lie in fashion, books, interior design, film, and being surrounded by loved ones. Not only is Petra a creative powerhouse in the kitchen, she's a quick witted, highly creative content creator that plays on colour, flavour and an over arching bold aesthetic.