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Jay Reeve and Dunc Heyde are stand up, stand out, decent funny lads who have been entertaining radio listeners and social media followers for years. They’ve got an uncanny knack for telling their own stories in a way that makes your sides hurt, as well as drawing good yarns out of exceptional people.

Seeing an opportunity to share more stories and have longer chats that would push (and breach!) the boundaries of what’s acceptable on air, Jay and Dunc started the Not For Radio podcast: unfiltered, uncensored, unfettered, glorious regular podcast episodes that are unequivocally not for radio.

The Not For Radio groundswell of social media fans, collectively known as ‘Snipers’ are very active in the members-only Facebook group, ‘Sniper’s Nightmare’, a social nexus for sharing yarns, memes, like-minded opinions, and general moments of entertainment. Often, it’s the Jay & Dunc facials that really add to a story, which are happily watchable on Not For Radio’s Instagram and TikTok.

Both Jay and Dunc had a solid history of hosting number one radio shows before they teamed up in 2019 - Jay at ZM and Hauraki, and Dunc at The Rock. It’s no surprise that their show on the Rock holds the coveted top-rating afternoon slot. Beyond radio, the lads are both consummate MCs in hot demand for events, established social media personalities who have partnered with top brands on many a well-received social campaign.

Both proud family men, you’ll often find Jay and Dunc on adventures with their respective broods. Savvy in the business space as co-owner of runaway RTD success, Pals, Jay is a motorbike enthusiast and outdoor man at heart. He loves it all - road, land, sea and lake - so much so that he’s part of the brains and brawn behind a wave park that’ll be under construction soon. Dunc is a fellow motorbike and outdoor enthusiast, an especially keen fisherman, and a weapon on the tools handling home renovations with aplomb. In 2023 he took passion for DIY into a whole new realm as the host of TV show ‘House Rules’.