Libby-Jean Challis


Meet Libby Jean, a wellness advocate, fashionista and mama. Libby Jean is a busy young mum with a flair for health, family, a balanced lifestyle and and how to look gorgeous without spending a million bucks!

Hailing from a family of seven, with five brothers and one sister. Libby-Jean was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She carries the warmth and sense of community from her upbringing into every aspect of her life.

As a dedicated mother, Libby-Jean finds joy in raising her two beautiful boys, Cruz (6) and Miller (4). She holds a Bachelor of Communications degree, majoring in PR, showcasing her exceptional communication and relationship-building skills.

In addition to her academic achievements, Libby-Jean pursued her interest in holistic health and wellness, recently completing a diploma in the field. Her commitment to well-being extends beyond the classroom, as she represented New Zealand in the women's ice hockey team for six years, and had the opportunity to study in the United States on an ice hockey scholarship. Her sporty and competitive nature is balanced by a genuine love for people, making her an approachable and caring individual.

Outside of her sports endeavours, you'll find Libby-Jean supporting her sons at their ice hockey or soccer games, hitting the gym to maintain an active lifestyle, or enjoying quality time with family and friends. Health, wellness, fashion, and lifestyle are among her key interests.