Leigh Hart

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Irreverent entertainer and personality Leigh Hart was born into a coal mining family on the West Coast of New Zealand, but soon found himself living overseas for the bulk of his childhood, following his father who was a tunneler to exotic countries like Indonesia, Hong Kong and Peru where he lived for five years in a remote valley in the Andes, higher than Mt Cook.

He later attended Christ's College in Christchurch as a boarder, before briefly following in his fathers footsteps and working under the ocean as a tunneler on the Channel Tunnel.

Leigh however considered himself more of a musician than a tunneler, so he started a rock band with his brother. The band toured the U.K and Europe, before getting sent to jail for 11 days and then deported from France for visa technicalities.

Around this time Leigh saw his future in TV, he relocated to Auckland and has never looked back - except when the Crusaders are playing. As his alter ego That Guy, he was a long-term member of the iconic Sports Cafe team; he has his own comedy shows, including Moon TV, Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet, The Late Night Big Breakfast, Olympico, and Screaming Reels - to name just a few.

He has also shaken up the radio waves with the award winning Drive show Bhuja on Radio Hauraki, is a member of the Alternative Commentary Broadcast team, and is a regular guest on other TV shows such as Taskmaster and 7 Days. Leigh has launched his own online television platform called MoonFlix.

In addition to his television work, Leigh has founded numerous well known brands including Wakachangi Beer, the award winning Snackachangi Chips, and most recently a new RTD brand, aptly named Arty D. He has also been the long-time spokesperson and face of the popular Hellers brand.

It's obvious that Leigh's unique talents as a performer as well as creative producer and director allow him to add value to any assignment. As a speaker, Leigh has a raft of entrepreneurial, music and comedic experiences to draw on, which he delivers, as always, in his own inimitable style.