Lauren Roxburgh

  • Speaker

Tall, tan, exuberant, and glowing with wellness, Lauren Roxburgh is the kind of person you feel instantly calmer and healthier from just standing next to (and she definitely inspires you to improve your posture on the spot!). A board-certified structural integration bodywork practitioner with a degree in nutrition and exercise physiology, Lauren is the go-to expert on all things fascia and mind-body alignment.

Celebrated for her unique approach to whole-body and soul wellness, Lauren’s expertise has been in-demand from A-List celebrities and orthopaedic specialists alike; she is a regular contributor to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lifestyle brand; was named the “body alignment pro” by US Vogue, and one of the “Eight Tech Pioneers to Watch” by Entrepreneur magazine.

Now settled in New Zealand, the California-native is a wife to Kiwi Gus; mother to two girls, Cameron and James; a best-selling author; speaker and educator, who is known internationally on the wellness circuit as the “Body Whisperer,” - and to her friends and clients affectionately as “Lo.”

The commitment to fitness began early for Lauren (she represented her University in swimming), but the real motivation to go deeper into her wellness journey and education was witnessing her mother battle cancer at a young age.

After many years as a student and practitioner, Lauren developed her own specialised health and fitness programme, and now teaches her “Aligned Life” holistic method all over the world to help transform, heal and attune people’s bodies, minds and spirits.

Running the business together, Gus and Lauren work on visions and ideas to bring wellness into the lives of millions with the Aligned Life Studio, streaming to members in over 50 countries. Lauren’s mission is to help people unwind and assist in their true selves emerging from beneath the layers of stress we accumulate throughout our busy lives.

It is her emphasis on empowerment, liberation and helping people connect with their strength, power and authenticity that has made her techniques so beloved.

Lauren’s vast knowledge has earned her a client list that reads like a who’s who of America’s film and sporting legends, having worked with industry names including Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, Molly Simms, Devon Aoki, Jordana Brewster, Emmy Rossum, Le Bron James, Baron Davis and Gabby Reece.

However recent world events gave cause for Gus and Lauren to press pause on California Life, as they recalibrate in New Zealand.
Lauren has had a deep connection with NZ since she married Gus (a documentary TV producer and former TV host) 10 years ago. She thinks of the country’s culture, people and land as truly special, and the decision to relocate was made in order to share this with their daughters.

It is also the perfect setting for her past-times! While there is considerable overlap between Lauren’s work and her hobbies, she still makes space for yoga, meditation, reading books about wellness and spirituality, horseback riding, swimming, hiking and cooking (Lauren follows the Mediterranean diet, an obsession from her time spent living in Italy after University!).

A deeply passionate, caring and positive person, Lauren identifies the qualities most important to her as being respect, equality, creativity, affection and generosity. She is excited to collaborate with businesses and brands that reflect these principles; are sustainability-focussed and will benefit from her connection to these values.