Kevin Biggar

  • Speaker

Fast paced, high-energy and massively entertaining, Kevin’s accounts of an absolute underdog taking on two of the world’s toughest adventures never fails to have the audience laughing out loud and feeling inspired while they learn the mental skills to take on tough challenges.

Kevin was in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, watching TV on his mum’s couch, when he saw a news clip about one of the world’s toughest endurance races - rowing the 5000km Atlantic Ocean in a 7m plywood dinghy. He figures it’s probably not as hard as it looks. He decides to win. First he needs to learn how to row!

So begins a wild ride on a wave of thrilling adventure that takes the audience around the world and through storms, sharks and a late night capsize. They also hear about the much tougher challenge of trekking, unsupported 2400kms from the Antarctic coast to South Pole and back.

You’ll stare into the blue-black abyss of crevasses, experience tooth-cracking cold, battle with fickle GPSs and skin-melting frostbite. You’ll hear the fascinating advice that Kevin got from his patron Sir Edmund Hillary, and how the hosts of the ‘How’s Life’ TV show got his campaign on track.

Kevin’s secret weapon is his business skills. As a strategy consultant with The Boston Consulting Group, he used his experience to overcome his very limited rowing background, identify and innovate on the most critical elements of the preparations, and find tactics and strategies to beat the previous race winners.

Kevin also learned, and shares powerful techniques to:
overcome doubts;
get and keep a winning attitude;
form high performing teams and;
increase mental toughness

Audiences of all backgrounds are fascinated as Kevin relates his formula for taking on tough challenges and illustrates his points with hilarious stories from his adventures. Your team will never forget the ‘Energy Rule’, the ‘Three Bastards Rule’ and the story of the Sea Anchor!

Kevin is one of the most experienced and active motivational speakers in the market (you may also have seen him as the co-host of the TVNZ series ‘First Crossings’) and his longevity is due to the lengths he goes to ensure his presentation is tailored to the requirements of the client.

If your team is taking on a tough challenge, struggling with change, looking to lift their performance, or just need to entertained, empowered and transformed, then book Kevin and bring a ladder, you’ll be peeling them off the ceiling!


If Google had 10 stars I would give them to Kevin. The best motivational speaker I have ever heard.
-Keith R, GM, Storage Box

Kevin’s message is clear, genuine and meaningful and is very relevant life and to the business environment – in my experience this is not easy to pull off. He did it masterfully. There is huge authenticity to Kevin – he’s has lived his speech and it comes across. I would highly recommend using Kevin to inspire your colleagues.
-Emlyn H, Manager Leadership Development, TCC

I must say that your visit and presentation was excellent and has generated the beginning of some much-needed discussions. The comments have been exceedingly positive with many stating you are the best speaker the company has had in our 18-year history.
-Mark M, Edinburgh Realty