Kerre Woodham

  • Broadcaster
  • Presenter
  • Speaker
  • MC

"I was doing a charity gig a million years ago, and they had the DWTS dancers there. One of them came over and asked me to dance, and I explained that I just don't dance. He said, 'Just hang on to me.' So I did, and it was like riding a really good dressage horse – you've just got to try not to let your legs get in the way and interrupt them.”

Multi-talented Kerre Woodham, famous for her razor-sharp wit and intellect, is a brilliant MC, presenter, guest speaker and debater. Never one to shy away from a good healthy discussion, she currently co-hosts the morning show on New Zealand’s #1 radio station NewstalkZB. Kerre’s a New Zealand journalist, radio presenter, and multi-published author. She has a weekly column in the Herald on Sunday and is a frequent contributor to other published media around the country.

Kerre possesses boundless energy, natural enthusiasm for life and loves a challenge. She describes her time on Dancing with the Stars in 2022 as ‘transformative’ and the ‘catalyst’ to igniting her health and wellness regime. Through her journey of self-discovery and self-discipline, she’s run marathons in Auckland, New York, London, Paris and Queenstown, and has completed a five-day climb to Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's summit highest peak.

Kerre has made several TV appearances, including; Intrepid Journeys, Fair Go, Heartland, Ready Steady Cook and Dream Jobs. She has also hosted several TV documentaries and is a Breast Cancer Foundation NZ ambassador.

When’s she not dancing, climbing, talking, writing or playing, doting Glam-Ma to Bart and Theodora, she’s relaxing in her happy place, the Hokianga. “Every day I spend there is a day to recharge and reset. And now I don’t even notice the drive. I’m quite happy to travel up for the weekend, just for the joy of waking up there”.