Jzayla Hughey

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American-born, Australian-raised and now New Zealand resident Jzayla Hughey is a true Global Citizen. This natural beauty craves learning about new cultures, and experiencing life through the different perspectives of travel and acting.

Jzayla moved to Cairns, Australia from the USA when she was a toddler, exploring the tropical playground of her hometown every chance she had. In her teen years Jzayla began performing in high school dramas, winning several awards with her natural stage ability. During this time, she set herself the goal of travelling to 21 countries before she turned 21 – which she achieved, visiting countries such as Mexico, Switzerland and Japan.

She went on to qualify as a pharmacy dispensary technician, however it was her desire to forge a career in the arts that brought her to NZ, a country known for its ardent support of the film and television industry. She moved here in 2016 to pursue training, and an eventual career, in acting. Immersing herself in different cultures from such a young age gave Jzayla a strong desire to advocate for environmental change in order to nurture the beautiful planet she had explored so much of.

She managed to marry her environmental crusade with her passion for travel, spending a month in the Philippines as a representative of New Zealand at Miss Earth 2018.

Jzayla travelled throughout the Philippines hosting community tree planting events, and promoting eco-friendly destinations such as Palawan. During this time she was able to practice her public speaking skills for humanitarian engagements, and present at schools, conferences and environmental seminars. She names her favourite part of the experience as visiting a children's hospital and orphanage in Manila to sing, dance and play games with the kids and teach them about the environment.

Jzayla is passionate about the film industry – being both behind and in front of camera; she takes pride in keeping active in adventurous ways, including aerial acrobatics, fight stunt work, hiking and HIIT workouts; also yoga, Crossfit and weightlifting.

Alongside acting and fitness, Jzayla plans to continue her environmental and humanitarian endeavours, ensuring everything she does is as eco-friendly and gentle on the earth as possible. She is available for collaborations that fit her clean, green ethos and intrepid spirit!