Julia Matthews

  • Content Creator
  • Speaker

Julia Matthews owns the much-acclaimed health and wellness brand Two Islands; she is one of New Zealand’s most dynamic young entrepreneurs; as well as an accomplished author, lifestyle influencer, content developer, and mum to beautiful son Lenny.

Glowing with good health, she has now been prominent in the wellness and beauty sector for 10 years, and is one of those people who makes her hectic schedule appear completely effortless. Devotion to a nourishing diet of whole foods and carefully-chosen supplements, and active outdoor living are key in helping her consistently honour all her commitments.

Julia grew up in Auckland, the daughter of very health-conscious parents (“they’re practically vegan” she says), which eventually guided her towards experimenting with her own health food recipes while she was at University. Dairy/gluten-free and raw food recipes were still uncommon, so friends would ask her to share her green smoothie and bliss ball recipes, and she began posting them online.

Julia was studying business at the time – where her entrepreneurial nous comes from – and decided to add nutrition studies to this as well; as her dietary knowledge grew, so did her food blog.

This quickly led to a publishing deal - best-selling cookbook, Nourished - and a prominent social media presence with an ever-increasing following.

Always a step ahead of emerging health movements, and foreseeing the huge potential for a locally-produced collagen and protein brand, Julia then developed the concept for Two Islands, integrating her unique, no-fuss antipodean philosophy into her business plan.

The brand came to life in 2018; now in its fourth year of operation in a competitive market, the products in the range are beloved for their potent efficacy; simple, pure composition and the company’s dedication to sustainability.

The brand’s excellence was cemented in 2020 when seafood giant Sanford acquired 50 percent of Two Islands. Sanford provides key ingredients for a number of the products - certified sustainable marine collagen.

Busy as she is, Julia still makes time to co-lab with and support other businesses whose products she believes in. As a content creator, Julia has worked with a number of lifestyle brands over the years including Bunnings, New World, Silverfern Farms, Growbright, Bondi Sands, Dermabeen, Emma Lewisham and Redken.

She is also incredibly supportive of women in business, regularly speaking at networking events – she is a fascinating and enlightening addition to any panel or discussion.