Jen Jones

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Jen Jones is a driven and accomplished project manager with a passion for design, fitness, and sustainability.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Jen has always known what she wants to do, and she has pursued her dreams with determination and hard work. Her extensive experience in project management and interior design has enabled her to create a unique skill set that she leverages to support renovating homeowners on their journeys. Jen is a spreadsheet geek who loves nothing more than writing budgets, timelines, and quality-checking architectural drawings. She thrives on the challenges of managing complex projects, and her attention to detail and organizational skills are second to none. Her work has been recognised in the industry, and she has managed projects worth up to $220 million in the commercial sector.

Despite the challenges faced as a female in the industry, Jen has persevered and earned her place, gaining the respect of her peers along the way. She is a devoted supporter of sustainable products, materials, and processes, and her lifestyle choices reflect her commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. Her passion for interiors and helping people led her to the renovation sector, where she has built a strong community following on social media by supporting renovating homeowners on their journeys. She has also designed and created eBooks and e-courses to empower homeowners to create their dream home.

When Jen isn't managing projects or supporting renovating homeowners, she enjoys hosting dinner parties and spending time with her husband and kids at the beach. She's also an avid DIY enthusiast and can often be found renovating her own home with her kids in tow. In addition to yoga and Pilates, Jen finds fitness in DIY and loves nothing more than a paintbrush in hand, ear pods in her ears, while listening to a podcast or audiobook on parenting, self-improvement, or business.

Jen's entrepreneurial spirit and drive to create something great for people is fuelled by her desire to empower homeowners to turn their renovation dreams into reality.