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Hercules the private chef extraordinaire! Brimming with flavour and personality, Herc is taking the dining and digital worlds by storm.

Hercules discovered his love of cooking in his final year of high school, largely inspired by Jamie Oliver’s cooking videos who also remains his muse today. While Hercules is largely self-taught, his love of cooking has taken him all the way to kitchens in Europe. During his time in Bandol in the South of France, Hercules quickly found himself cooking for both the owner, staff and guests on a daily basis, despite his original role being a cellar hand! Hercules expertise of cooking food is quite literally well paired with his extensive knowledge of wine and spirits. He also notes his time in the Mediterranean as a big impact on his style and preferred palette when cooking. Fresh produce, rustic simplicity and meticulous presentation are all staples of a Hercules Noble dish.

When working in London at Ozone Café, Hercules worked under their head chef Joe. Herc credits this experience as having taught him about presentation, working under pressure and consistency. This has prepared Hercules well for his real passion – private cooking. Having worked in an open kitchen while on display has helped curate the charm, style and entertaining aspects that all come with having Hercules Noble in your kitchen. While in New York and working alongside a dietician, he developed his knowledge of macro and micronutrients of products. The value of food for Hercules goes beyond just tasty, he wants people to feel good after one of his meals.

However, delicious food is not the end of Hercules’ tale. On his Instagram you’ll find not only pictures of fabulous meals from private dining events, but also Herc’s alter ego. Satirically referring to himself in the third person as ‘mans’, here Hercules reflects his not only his confidence, but his humour and personal style. Here he also expresses his love of exercise (Mans is hella strong) and updates his audience on the DIY journey of his property up in the beautiful Kari Kari. Herc has been driving his iconic baby Tina – the blue fiat – since high school. His ‘intimate’ relationship with Tina reflects Hercules’ love of creating lasting connections. At his core, Herc is a people person. Whether it is through food, fitness, fashion or his endearing frivolity, Hercules is leaving his mark one plate and post at a time.