Cassandra Grodd

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With a childhood spent engrossed in books and surrounded by distinguished musicians while traveling the World, it was somewhat inevitable that ethereal beauty Cassandra Grodd would grow up to be deeply creative soul, who greatest joy is connecting with people through her artistic endeavors.

Now an author, podcaster and content creator, Cass is happiest when she is honing her crafts - writing, designing, composing - and putting them out into the world. Authenticity is at the heart of everything she does.

Headstrong; brave and bold; outgoing and chatty, Cass’s daily objectives are to approach life in a loving and open-minded manner. She deeply values her friendships and always wants to see people around her happy and thriving.

Born in Auckland to a German father and a Kiwi mum, who nurtured a family environment over-flowing with creativity and a strong work ethic. Both musicians, her parents raised her with a unique global outlook on life, as they took her on their regular travels around Europe and the USA to perform (her father is renowned conductor/music director Uwe Grodd, who has spent his life conducting operas and orchestras in sold out venues around the Northern hemisphere).

Her upbringing gave Cass a deep curiosity and passion for the arts; she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in television, media and film; her parents’ affinity for music deeply shaped her own love for it, and lead to her to studying song writing briefly in New York City.

Though a voracious reader and a prolific writer from a very young age, Cass initially had no intention of publishing her personal writing. However, after she shared a few pieces to social media in 2016, they received so much feedback that she began a separate page for her musings (@quoteswithcass). The page grew very organically as she began to share more freely, and she realized her perspective was deeply resonating with others.

Cass was inspired to turn her collection into not one, but two volumes of poetry; Bully (which remains one of the only New Zealand poetry books to debut on the Amazon Best Sellers Internationally), and Darling (which was featured in the NZ Herald “Book Recommends”).

Her poetry continues to sell and grow readership in the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. During the 2020 Lockdowns, Cass hosted online zoom workshops on poetry and mental health, attracting up to 700 attendees each time.

Outside of her creative outlets, Cass has always been very active, competing in equestrian events as a teen; she also played netball, hockey and soccer. These days, Cass loves the gym, pilates, yoga, boxing and dancing. Spirituality and self-care are also a huge part of her life; she meditates and journals daily.

Cass is most passionate about helping others find their voice and feel understood; in order to do this she is always trialing new ways to explore and develop self-confidence. Obsessed with makeup, hair, fashion and skincare, Cass has worked on campaigns with Ardell Lashes, Bondi Sands, Spendless Shoes, Ruby Boutique, Real Strong Women, Twnty 5, Rinse, Lumiee, Prix Workshop, The Whitening Co, Oscar & Co, Redken.