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Hailing from the foothills of Mount Taranaki, award-winning radio broadcaster Carl 'Fletch' Fletcher has carved out a very successful career in radio.

After finding himself drawn to the medium as a kid, a young Fletch would record his own radio shows using his parents' stereo. By the time he was 16, this had progressed to learning the ropes at a New Plymouth radio station - determined to learn all he could. From there, Fletch's love for radio grew into a passion, catapulting him towards his dream career spanning the last 20 years.

If you tune into ZM on weekday mornings, you'll find Fletch co-hosting New Zealand's #1 breakfast radio show alongside the infamous Vaughan Smith & Hayley Sproull.

Renowned for his side-splitting sense of humour and love of the ridiculous, Fletch says his favourite thing about his job is laughing every day (that, and the constant supply of chocolates and lollies in the office!).

Fletch is the ultimate outdoorsy fitness guy, enjoying hiking and the beach. Although his early morning role can be exhausting at times, he fuels his days by hitting the gym after the show wraps. This gives him a good endorphin hit, boosts the creative juices and leaves him feeling energised to get through the rest of his daily agenda.

Anyone who knows Fletch, knows he has a serious love of travel. He takes off as often as he can, enjoying the amazing array of sights, sounds and experiences the World has to offer.

Fletch says he once saw a Jaguar in the wild when he was on a walking track in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, no one believes him because he didn't manage to snap a photo ("pics or it didn't happen, Fletch!").

His ready smile and infectious personality shine through on his social media presence, which has rocketed to epic proportions. Boasting hilarious and creative content, along with a super engaged local following, securing Fletch makes for a fantastic addition to any campaign.

VOICE: Retail. Kiwi accent.


"[Fletch and Vaughan] were amazing! Very professional and easy to work with! They clearly took time to read the materials in advance of our meetings and took direction really well.They were great at adding in their own bits to the script to make it funnier. Would certainly use them again! "
Glynn - Total Event