Amber Thoresen


Meet Amber, Italian cooking extraordinaire, self-titled QUEEN of carb and all-round food enthusiast. Amber describes feeding people as her love language.

In hospitality since a young teen and now feeding the nation as head chef for My Food Bag, it’s easy to see by scrolling through her Instagram page that she is utterly obsessed with food. She loves to cook but more importantly, she loves to eat.

Amber has worked at some of Auckland’s top restaurants including The Jervois Steak House, Euro, and by far her favourite; The Engine Room where her love for no-fuss but delicious food comes from.

Working for My Food Bag for over half of the business’ life has taught her even more about cooking and food whether it be food styling, developing healthy recipes for Fresh Start, managing a team of chefs through recipe development, or juggling over 70 recipes per week!

Italian food is where Amber’s passions truly lie. She has a longstanding love affair with all things Italian and has travelled extensively through the country. Travel is a huge part of Ambers's life where she draws inspiration that translates into some truly delicious recipes!

All through the year, you will find her entertaining for friends and family whether it’s hosting a dinner party, a pasta and paint class, or even a pasta-making class.

When not working you will find her at home, still cooking or going out for dinners, chasing her cute little British blue cat around the yard, fishing, or with her nose in a cookbook from her extensive collection.

Her bubbly personality, cheeky attitude, and 10/10 infectious smile make her a dream for promoting your brand, hosting or cooking for your next event.