David Mackie

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From documentary narrative to hard sell commercials, cartoon animation to character impersonation, David Mackie is 'The Man'.

A mellow baritone to mid-upper range tenor, with a grasp of the whimsical to the down-right comedic, David has many years experience as a voice artist, actor and presenter. David specializes in accents and voice for animation, as well as your standard reads. He has been the station voice of TV4, regularly voiced the character 'Digger' on TV2's cartoon 'Buzz & Poppy', and for the last four years has been the voice for Benchmark 'Black n' Decker'.

David is exceptional at almost all accents and three decades of experience in radio, television, Theatre and film have made David in his own words - "... arguably the most famous voice over artist you have never heard of ... since every interpretation is unique."