Zoe Fuimaono @blessedindoubles

Zoe Fuimaono @blessedindoubles
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Panelist
Food, Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Parenting, Social Media, Travel

Blessed in Doubles is the blog of super-mum Zoe Fuimaono, her husband mega-dad Junior, and their two sets of twins. Yes, that's 2x sets of twins!! Zoe & Junior's first set of twins are gorgeous identical boys Henry & Theo, who were followed fairly closely by fraternal girl & boy twins Harlow & Noah.

In spite of the logistical challenges of raising four young children, Zoe & Junior thrive on being parents and joyfully share their experiences with others, including places, products and tips that have helped them along the way.

As if this weren't enough, Zoe is a makeup artist and former flight attendant. She finds time to share with her audience, some beauty and travel tips too, still traveling often with four babies in tow.

Blessed in Doubles is a real, raw account of what it's truly like with two sets of twins two and under. Zoe is an advocate for breastfeeding, exclusively breastfeeding both sets of twins. Zoe's focus is all about empowering Women with positivity, sharing unbiased and non judgemental views on parenting and sharing inspirational stories of their experiences and the things she has learnt through her blog.

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