Zach 'Zing' Inglis

Zach 'Zing' Inglis
After Dinner Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Panelist
Cars, Comedy, DIY, Social Media, Sport

Born and bred in Christchurch, brothers Zach 'Zing' Inglis & Levi 'Ling' Inglis were Team Purple on Three's popular DIY reality television show, The Block NZ (2017).

They pretty quickly built a reputation for themselves as cheeky tradies with a laid back attitude and a wicked sense of humour.

Zing works hard, and plays hard. He loves getting outdoors and ripping into any competitive sport. When the camera's aren't around, he's a sparky by trade - recently completing his electrician’s apprenticeship.

As a southern man who calls a spade a spade, Zing has a unique and hilarious perspective on the world - which makes his contribution a fantastic addition to a digital campaign.

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