Yanita McLeay

Yanita McLeay
After Dinner Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Panelist
Adventure, DIY, Environmental, Food and Wine, Health and Lifestyle

Hailing from Palmerston North, besties Yanita McLeay & Stace Cottrill were contestants on Three's popular DIY reality television show, The Block NZ (2017).

Yanita's biggest passion is dance, and she is currently completing her PhD in sport science. When she's not looking for her next big challenge, she loves to hunker down with a good book, or bake some delicious vegan treats.

Yanita is the first to admit that the friends can both be a bit stubborn, equally enjoying having things their own way. But between them, the girls exude nothing but positive energy and enthusiasm as their bubbly personalities took center stage - stealing the heart of the nation in the process.

Yanita is a budding content creator, with a strong eye for design. Her reach and connection with everyday New Zealanders makes her a strong asset to any digital campaign. She knows what good content looks like, generating great work on brand, and on time by 'tools down!'

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