Sunniva Holt

Sunniva Holt
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur
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Serial entrepreneur and blogger, Sunniva Holt, has built her impressive following on her grass roots passion for health. Her authenticity shines through in her content, and she's unafraid to call it as she sees it - tackling a few wellness myths along the way.

She uses her thriving social pages and blog, The Daily Raw, to encourage her fans to take their health into their own hands. Sunniva is passionate about fresh ingredients, using them to create mouthwatering recipes for optimum health.

Sunniva is a successful property mogul and self-made millionaire. She shares her knowledge in her best selling book, The Hustle Life.

In 2015 she expanded into the tech world, launching a highly successful recipe app, which went straight to number 1 in New Zealand and number 5 in America.

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