Millie Elder @cleaneatznz

Millie Elder @cleaneatznz
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Panelist, Speaker
Blogging, Charitable work, Fitness, Food, Food and Wine, Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Social Media, Travel

Clean Eatz NZ is a wellness & lifestyle space created by Millie Elder Holmes, who started it as a way to track her meals on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Her blog, and social channels, are a completely unvarnished reflection of Millie's experiences, thoughts and feelings about a huge range of topics from travel, cooking, events, markets, recipes, lifestyle products, to loss and life experience.

Millie is a lover of all things that nourish the mind body & soul, and like everyone, Millie has had her struggles. Nowadays Millie finds taking care of herself first and foremost best equips her to deal with those struggles. A strong focus on self-love, and expression through food and living consciously are the cornerstones of her blog posts and social engagements.

Millie uses her channels to connect with like-minded individuals, share what works for her on her journey, as well as create and experiment with recipes using whole foods.

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