Julia and Libby

Julia and Libby
After Dinner Speaker, Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Chef, Host, Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Writer
Health and Lifestyle, Inspirational, Motivational, Social Media, Travel

Julia and Libby are kiwi sisters and lovers of everything that nourishes the body, mind and soul. They believe that beauty starts from within, and food can be used as medicine to stay healthy.

The girls love to create recipes using whole food with minimal processing, full of nutrients to keep you feeling your best. The recipes are easy to follow and the girls love putting a twist on old classics, as well as dreaming up new creations using some of their favorite foods. All of their recipes are free of refined sugar, and most are dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

In 2016, the sisters released their first cook book with Penguin Random House called Julia and Libby’s Wholefood Kitchen.

Libby has a Naturopathy Degree, which she received from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2014. She now lives in South Africa with her new baby daughter. Julia is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Naturopathy.

Their interests span across beauty, fashion, health & lifestyle, culture & the arts, home decor, entertaining, travel, food & wine and social media. They’re skilled bloggers, chefs, photographers, brand ambassadors, models, hosts, speakers and panelists.

They enjoy a broad audience and growing following across their multiple online platforms. Their core audience is highly engaged women aged 25 - 34, primarily based in New Zealand. The sisters also run a popular food blog which delves into their beautiful recipes, and shares useful lifestyle and beauty tips. They are talented content creators and deliver incredible results for the campaigns they take on.

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