Haley Guildford

Haley Guildford
Blogger, Brand Ambassador
Adventure, Blogging, Culture and the Arts, Fitness, Food and Wine, Photography, Social Media

Talented photographer with serious chops for design, Haley Guildford lives for the beach. Growing up in West Auckland, the rough and rugged coast inspires many of her creativity.

Effortlessly chic, Haley runs a gorgeous blog where she showcases all things cruelty free. A true creative, her unique perspective is portrayed in her work.

A free spirit, Haley is a traveller at heart. She caught the wanderlust bug in 2016, living and working in some incredible places over the last couple of years - including Mykonos and Bali. Her experiences helped shape her eye, giving her work an exotic, tropical vibe.

In her spare time, you'll likely find Haley creating beautiful masterpieces in the kitchen. She has a serious flare for food, and has worked alongside many prominent health and wellness brands to create recipes and content showcasing their products.

Haley has a background in fashion - which goes hand in hand with blogging and photography. She uses her unique skillset to produce high quality work, radiating a professional yet wistful ethos.

Entrepreneurially-minded, Haley ran an online store for several years, She Lives Cruelty Free, where she boasted the title of having the first 100% cruelty-free online store in New Zealand before merging it into her current blog.

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