Elora Harré

Elora Harré
After Dinner Speaker, Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Chef, Entrepreneur, Host, Speaker, Writer
Adventure, DIY, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Food and Wine, Inspirational, Leadership, Meditation/mindfulness, Motivational, Social Media, Sport, Travel

Elora is not one to shy away from hard work. At just 23 years old, she has already achieved some seriously enviable goals - as a published author, entrepreneur and digital influencer.

Starting her popular web presence as The Shrinking Violet, Elora has attracted a large audience documenting her weight loss journey. Slimming down and shaking off more than 55kg, Elora has a new lease on life and health.

Her Paleo lifestyle and dedicated approach to exercise is inspiring many to train alongside her using her online coaching programmes. In 2014 she launched her hugely popular online 10 Week Challenge, alongside behavioural nutritionist Sara Evans. The pair have recently released a ketogenic diet variation.

Last year she published a book of the blog's name, sharing with her audience tips, tricks and secrets to achieving a Paleo lifestyle.

Elora is a talented content creator and is professional in her approach to a brief. Her innovative ideas and knowledge of her audience allows her to hit the mark time and time again, delivering strong results.

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