Anna Reeve

Anna Reeve
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Host, MC, Panelist, Presenter, Speaker, TV Presenter
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Former fashion model Anna Reeve is a Global Alopecia Ambassador, wife to Jay Reeve and mother to The Reeve Nuggets.

Since the age of 7, Anna has had autoimmune disease Alopecia Universallis – total body hair loss. Her unique bald look catapulted her into the modelling limelight where she featured predominantly wig-less in editorial photo shoots and runway shows for New Zealand’s top designers.

With her extensive background and contacts in the fashion industry, Anna was the first choice to produce and present NZ’s first dedicated fashion show ‘The Seen’, which aired on ALT TV for three years during which time Anna completed her communications degree at AUT. Following graduation, Anna entered the world of PR where she worked until her twins were born.

Needless to say Anna’s day to day routine is now is very different as mother of twin toddlers, Hunter and Oscar. As well as that Anna & Jay’s road to parenthood wasn’t easy – they survived ICSI, hyperemesis during pregnancy, premature birth followed by 6 months of colic and reflux (read two screaming babies all day long).

Anna has been crowned an InstaMum and has won the hearts of Kiwi followers capturing and posting about everyday life while child-rearing and the little treats that have made things easier along
the way.

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