Anna Reeve

Anna Reeve
Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Host, MC, Panelist, Presenter, Speaker, TV Presenter
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Absolute stunner, former fashion model and television host, Anna Reeve, has amassed many strings to her bow.

These days Anna is kept busy toddler-taming her identical twin boys, dubbed 'The Reeve Nuggets', bossing husband Jay Reeve around, and acting as a Global Alopecia Ambassador.

Her ready smile and radiant personality have fascinated her fans, growing her a significant following online. Anna and her adorable family have won the hearts of her 30k+ followers, who look to Anna for inspiration, advice and recommendations to make life just that little bit easier.

Not your typical "mummy-blogger", Anna covers everything from beauty, to fashion, to the raw messy truth about toddler-taming. Her honest - and often hilarious - account of life as a mum to The Nuggets strikes a chord with parents everywhere.

When she was seven, Anna was diagnosed with autoimmune disease Alopecia Universallis – total body hair loss. Her unique #baldie look catapulted her into the modelling limelight where she featured heavily in editorial photoshoots and runway shows for New Zealand’s top brands and designers.

Her fashion industry background put her in the perfect position to produce and present NZ’s first dedicated fashion show ‘The Seen’, which aired on ALT TV for three years. In and around work, she completed her Bachelor of Communications degree at AUT. Following graduation, Anna entered the world of PR, where she worked until the twins were born.

Anna's insider knowledge of PR gives her a seriously competitive edge when it comes to delivering organic and authentic content. She’s fantastic at interpreting briefs, and is talented and reliable with her creative. Over the years, Anna has worked across many successful digital campaigns. She consistently delivers strong results, producing great content on brand and on time for her clients.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the post you did for me last year. I meant to follow up to tell you that because of that, Farro learned about me and got in touch so I owe that all to you. I’m just about to deliver meals to my first New Worlds today, so excited! Thanks again xx
Catherine Jackson Owner & Founder, Tot’s Pantry

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